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Demo Reel A. 2 min.

Roles: henpecked dad, fierce defense attorney, inspiring dad.

11/10/20 Bill Crossland's feature film Catching Up, also starring Sam Daly, Jonathan Fernandez, Chris Petrovski, and Isabella Pisacane, has its official premiere on all the major digital streaming platforms on 11/24/20. It has been racking up prestigous festival honors at Atlanta Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival, and FirstGlance L.A. and Philly. I play Richard Dobbs in this romantic comedy about a physically-disabled high school teacher who falls in love with his able-bodied coworker and serves as a beard for his lesbian best friend. Here's a short clip from one of my scenes.

10/15/20 I can't wait for 2021 to see the premiere of Clarence Fuller's feature film Aramingo Avenue, also starring Rosanna Arquette, Hopper Penn, Dylan Penn, and Wass Stevens. We just shot it in Philadelphia. I had to give myself a coronavirus test on set.

08/07/20 Today I premiered my own documentary feature film They Look Like Trees on Amazon. Check out some of the photos from its festival premiere at Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival in Cincinnati.

07/01/20 The prolific director Jim Harkins is tearing up the festival circuit with his short film "Old Dad", which earned me a Best Actor in a Comedy nomination from Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival.

05/11/20 The horror-thriller The Shed has its international digital release today, after opening in U.S. theaters on 11/15/19! Here's a clip from my scenes. Directed by Frank Sabatella and from the producers of Saw and Hatchet, The Shed stars Frank Whaley, Timothy Bottoms, Chris Petrovski, and Jay Jay Warren. I play guidance counselor Mr. Deere.

11/3/19 These days, Mom and Dad have to learn about the Birds and Bees from their teenager. Check out this outrageously funny clip from the web series.

7/1/19 I play a Republican congressman in this hilarious political sketch that satirizes Washington politics as well as Netflix sensation Marie Kondo: Marie Kondo: Tidying Up Washington.

2/11/19 The virtual reality, 3D/360, Peabody-winning film Queerskins: a love story continues to grip audiences at the world's top film festivals. Set in 1990 Missouri during the AIDS epidemic. George Lucas' Skywalker Sound designed the spatial audio. Here are my wife and I rehearsing on the green-screen set.

1/15/19 The short sc-fi/fantasy thriller The Gaze, co-starring Siri Miller from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, continues to freak out audiences. I play the villain in this film about a young research assistant who has her comeuppance against her lecherous boss. Watch it on YouTube. Directed by Ida Joglar, produced by Sam Kretchmar.

Demo Reel B. 1 minute.

Roles: guidance counselor, Texas rancher, priest.

Uncommon Threads

This 4-minute clip features scenes from a short film about a man seeking to avenge his wife's murder.

Role: Texas rancher

Commercial Reel

This 1-minute reel features scenes from national, regional, and internet commercials.

Roles: sportscaster, CEO, scientist, moderator, dad.

Kinney Drugs

This 1-minute highlight reel samples some of my lighthearted "Pharmacist Phil" commercials for Kinney Drugs.

Role: pharmacist

The Gaze

In this climactic clip from a short thriller, I play a lecherous scientist who gets his just deserts.

Role: scientist