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Height: 5' 10", Weight: 160, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Brown/Gray
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Everett Willis (guest star) Fred Berner / Dick Wolf / NBC
The White House Plumbers Golfer with Kleindienst (co-star) David Mandel / HBO
Griselda Federal Prosecutor (co-star) Andrés Baiz / Netflix
Power Book III: Raising Kanan Surgeon (co-star) Rob Hardy / Lionsgate / STARZ
Murf the Surf Kent Family Lawyer (VO) Ron Howard / R. J. Cutler / EPIX
The Young and the Restless Bellman (under 5) William J. Bell / CBS
Por Amar Sin Ley Defense Attorney (guest star) Televisa / CBS
A Crime to Remember Sheriff Clarke (lead) Jeremiah Crowell / XCON Productions
American Genius Arthur Brisbane (lead) Rick Lopez / Stephen David Entertainment
REDRUM Roy Saunders (lead) Tony Glazer / Stephen David Entertainment
El capo 3 (Spanish) FBI Expert 2 (co-star) Lilo Vilaplana / MundoFox
A Crime to Remember FBI Agent Moore (lead) Jeremiah Crowell / XCON Productions
Signs of Love Mark (supporting) Clarence Fuller / David Michaels
The Shed Mr. Deere (supporting) Frank Sabatella / Peter Block
An Act of Worship Agent Smith (supporting) Nausheen Dadabhoy / Capital K Pictures
Catching Up Richard Dobbs (supporting) Bill Crossland
#WarGames (TriBeCa FF) Senator Lionel (supporting) MGM / Sam Barlow / Daniels
Queerskins (TriBeCa FF) Ed (lead) Illya Szilak / TriBeCa Film Institute
Up the Stairs (short) Arthur (lead) Alexander Black
The Gaze (short) Dr. Booker (lead) Ida Joglar / Sam Kretchmar
Army of God (short) Priest (lead) Todd Wiseman, Jr. / Hayden 5 Media
Eugenia and John Group Leader (supporting) Hossein Keshavarz / Indion Entertainment Group
Proppy Gandy Harold (lead) Steven Greenstreet
Andrew Jackson Museum Film James Alex. Hamilton (lead) Cortina Productions
After the Fact (short) Doug (lead) Phil Rhodes
Uncommon Threads (short) Travis (lead) Caitlin Stickels
Old Dad (short) Old Dad (lead) Jim Harkins/Kins Productions
The Rival (short) Tim Ryan (lead) Dan Ventresca
E.T.O.D. (short) Jim Marshall (lead) Andrew Garces
As It Seems (short) Dr. Monaco (lead) Nancy Menagh
Capriciousness (short) Boss (supporting) Ian McGregor Moran / Virtuoso Picture House
Linger (short) Brig. Gen. Prichard (lead) Molly Calliste
Vest Up News Anchor (lead) Comedy Central / Andy Zou
Alibi Ambulance Boss (co-star) Comedy Central / Greg Washburn
Marie Kondo: Tidying Up Washington Republican Congressman (lead) We the Internet TV
Birds and Bees Dad (lead) Nick Massey
Knights of New Jersey Lord Mayor (series regular) Mike Hadley / Screen D'Or Pictures
Mythos Carl / Hades (series regular) Miriam Pultro / The Ivy League
BDO (national) CEO (lead) Ron Hamad / UDirect NYC
Kinney Drugs campaign (regional) Pharmacist Phil (lead) Solon Quinn Productions
DraftKings (regional) Sportscaster (lead) Dream Machine Creative
Shark Vacuum Dad (lead) USA Today/Gannett
Miller Beer (national) Bar Patron (principal) J. Walter Thompson
Stretto Sheets (internet) Scientist (lead) Wild/Factory
Hot Tub Products (internet) Spokesperson Robin Desjardins / First Image
Bladder Cancer Industrial Urologist (spokesperson) HackStone Film Group
MediGold Patient (lead) Charles Morabito / FreshFly
Lyxumia Industrial Doctor (spokesperson) Matthew Geller / Havas Health, Blue Star
Novartis Industrial Cardiologist (supporting) Stuart Culpepper / Symbiotix
Nutrisystem / NuMi (internet) Husband (principal) Gerry Sievers / One Glass Video
Adlens Eyewear (internet) Dad (lead) Ramón J. Goñi / All:Expanded
Oregon Scientific (internet) Farmer (lead) John Santora / Magnet Media
Covenant Health (regional) Neurologist (lead) Tom Rowland
Juniper Networks White Paper Spokesperson Simon Gerzina / BrightTALK
Spencer Savings Bank Industrial Spokesperson Michael Boylan / Netwave Interactive
"Free Game" by Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube . . . Anchorman (supporting) Cameron Busby / Golden Child
"Don't Flush Our Rights Down the Toilet" Wall Street Villain (lead) Michael Krivioka / Thinkmodo / Studio Nos
"Maximilian" by Ellis Martin Maximilian (lead) Evan Polivy / Polivision Productions
"Angels" by Amy Grant Youth (supporting) Scene Three Inc.
Consumer Reports Consumer (lead) Bowstring Studios
Humanity Last (feature doc.) Narrator Molly Calliste
Irritable Heart (feature doc.) Narrator Richard Poller
Tigers Be Still (Off-Off Broadway) Principal Joseph Moore Pirronne Yousefzadeh / The Drilling Company
Old Haunts (NY Fringe Festival) George Robbins Emily Simon / Customary Radicals / NY Fringe
As You Like It Orlando Chambers Stevens / Nashville Shakespeare Fest.
Grease Sonny Diana Martinez / Pheasant Run Theater (Chicago)
Life and Limb Franklin Jerry Skagerberg / Red Bones Theatre (Chicago)
Psycho Beach Party Star Cat Jerry Skagerberg / Red Bones Theatre (Chicago)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Caleb Tom Roland / Wagon Wheel Playhouse
Rob McCaskill Acting Rob McCaskill Studio
Sheila Gray Acting Sheila Gray / The Drama Continues
Chris Lang / Jack Wallace Dialects British / New York
Northwestern University B.S. in Speech / Theatre Bud Beyer / Frank Galati / Dominic Missimi
British-American Drama Academy Contemporary / Classical Frank Hauser / Peter Jeffrey / Dorothy Tutin
Jeff Corey Acting Los Angeles
The Acting Studio (Nashville) Acting, Voice, Movement Ruth Sweet / Pam Marsocci / Barbara Shepherd
Stephen Book Improvisation (Spolin-based) Los Angeles
Stuart K. Robinson Commercials Los Angeles