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Demo Reel A. 2.5 min.

Roles: protective dad, financier, senator, cardiologist, FBI agent, scholar, suburban dad.

7/7/18 I get to play the villain in this #metoo-timely short film The Gaze, a sci-fi/fantasy about a young research assistant whose cancer-scientist boss makes inappropriate advances toward her. Directed by Ida Joglar, the film has its world premiere in Montreal at the Fantasia International Film Festival in July 2018. Check out the trailer. The Gaze was produced by Sam Kretchmar and Unbundled Underground, whose feature film Keep in Touch is currently airing on PBS.

6/30/18 June 2018 saw production of the feature film Catching Up in the Philly suburbs, and I had the pleasure of joining a stellar cast as Richard Dobbs in this dramedy about a physically-disabled high school teacher who falls in love with his able-bodied coworker. It started as a short film at Sundance 2016. Bill Crossland is the smart, funny writer/director/star behind this exciting film.

6/15/18 I love this beautifully-crafted, heartwarming short film Up the Stairs, in which I star as an overly-protective dad whose son is bullied, which reopens his own childhood wounds. Music legend Jimmy Buffett makes a cameo appearance as the school principal in this festival-bound film directed by Alexander Black.

5/10/18 MGM has rebooted the classic 1983 film WarGames that starred Matthew Broderick, and it had its world premiere at TriBeCa Film Festival 2018. It's now an interactive web series, and I play Senator Lionel. The New Yorker, The LA Times, Variety have all written up our exciting new production, which is a hybrid of video games and cinema. The new #WarGames is written by the Daniels (Swiss Army Man starring Daniel Radcliffe) and directed by mobile game designer/director Sam Barlow (Her Story). Watch the series. Read about it here in The LA Times.

4/20/18 Finally--my TriBeCa Film Festival debut in 2018 in the interactive 3D/360 cinematic installation Queerskins: a love story, a virtual-reality narrative set in 1990 Missouri during the AIDS epidemic. George Lucas' Skywalker Sound designed the spatial audio. Funded by grants from TriBeCa Film Institute, Sundance Institute, and Depthkit. It's much more than a film, though. It's an installation that recreates the environment of our home and my son's bedroom, which you can "live in" yourself. Queerskins has launched a robust 2018-2019 film festival circuit, set to treat audiences this summer to this haptic experience in Seattle and Toronto. Here are my wife and I rehearsing on the green-screen set.

3/15/18 I've had a fun ongoing ad campaign for Kinney Drugs, playing their Pharmacist Phil in a series of light-hearted commercials.

Demo Reel B. 4 minutes.

Roles: attorney, priest, biotech scientist, 1960s sheriff, cowboy, corporate boss.

Uncommon Threads.

This 4-minute clip features scenes from a short film about a man seeking to avenge his wife's murder.

Role: Texas rancher

Commercial Reel.

This 1-minute reel features scenes from national, regional, and internet commercials.

Roles: spokesperson, CEO, scientist, farmer, husband.

Kinney Drugs

This 1-minute highlight reel samples some of my lighthearted "Pharmacist Phil" commercials for Kinney Drugs.

Role: pharmacist

1990s Flashback. Journey back with me to the 1990s in this 1-minute collection of scenes when I was young and restless: as a bellman in The Young and the Restless, as a cocky, unemployed L.A. actor in Our Lobster Dinner, and as a neurologist in a hospital commercial.